Crispin Andrews

Freelance Writer and Journalist

You learn all sorts of things doing this job.

Hyenas outperform chimps in cooperative problem solving tasks. We inherit memories from our ancestors' DNA. Ancient and prehistoric humans could out run, jump and row today's best Olympians.

Apparently, belly dancing is good for your back, the son of a great train robber  made Malcolm MacLaren's death mask and a Dorito shaped UFO sometimes buzzes the Midlands.

I write features, interviews, profiles, news, essays. For general audiences, and on sport, science, technology, the unexplained, history, wildlife, sci-fi.

Just don't ask me to interview Cheryl Cole about her new handbag or review an episode of Big Brother! 

Shortlisted for best print writer  at British Society Magazine Editors Rising Stars 2016

I also won a  2016 TABPI (Trade Association of Business Publishers International) Gold Award for Best Special Section mypart in the E&T James Bond Spectre special.

My monthly sports tech column for E and T Magazine , covering, so far.... football, skeleton, NFL and Donald Trump

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